Melbourne Chicken Rescue 2018

Friends of Melbourne Chicken Rescue 


Become a Friend of Melbourne Chicken Rescue and make a real difference in the lives of rescued chickens and the perception of chickens in the broader community. Each and every chicken who comes into the care of MCR is precious and deserves the best chance of a happy life in a loving home. Sadly many who come to us are very ill and injured  and require immediate veterinary care and a period of rehabilitation before adoption is possible. As a  supporter you will be kept up to date with the progress of chickens in our care. You will get to know their individual characters and quirks  and be invited to come and meet them at our "Meet the chickens picnics" held throughout the year.

Volunteer your time


Can you offer practical hands on support? There are times when we could really do with a helping hand. Here are some examples: driving chickens to their new homes or into our care, helping with set up of stalls at events/ vigils,  graphic design for posters/website, collection of medical donations, occasional help with rehab of special needs chickens post surgery  .............

If this sounds like you please click the button below.

Chicken Champions!
 your choice of monthly donation

 As a chicken champion you support the very essence of Melbourne Chicken Rescue . Your monthly donation helps to  provide food, parasite treatments and shelter for those in our care as they await adoption. As a regular donor you will receive updates on new rescues as they arrive, head to their foster home  and when they are adopted.  As a Chicken Champion you are helping us to increase our high quality foster care network which means we can offer help to more chickens in need, 

Chicken Champions!
Hospice Angel
$150 donation for pain relief 


Our chicken  hospice is a place that provides peace, love and dignity for those who need palliative care. We focus on making their last weeks of life the  very best they can be. Our vet Dr Gloria visits weekly  to ensure everyone is pain free and receiving the best in veterinary care.

A peaceful room is set up for our palliative chickens with cushioned beds, calming light, mantras and round the clock care. To keep their spirits up we take the hospice patients on outings to the coastal park and Werribee mansion gardens . As a Hospice Angel you will receive regular updates on the chickens who benefit from your kindness and are invited to join the chickens on their outings. 

Donate Goods

We can make good use of a wide range of things for the chickens. 

Friends of MCR often ask "what do you need" so we have compiled a list of everyday and one off items that are useful for the chickens and appreciated by us. 

Attend outreach events 

Our outreach group Melbourne Chicken Save work to inform the public about the hell that chickens endure for eggs and meat production. Chickens are inquisitive, intelligent, social creatures who are forced to live lives of misery for the egg and chicken meat industries. Billions of chickens worldwide endure a life of pain, discomfort, madness, sorrow, sickness, misery and torture, all for peoples tastebuds. You have to ask yourself when you consider all the facts, is it really worth it? Do you want to be part of the cruelty or part of the compassion? Please join Melbourne Chicken Save in fighting for compassion for all.  Contact us if you would like to participate in a city rally  slaughterhouse vigil, leafleting event, help out on a stall or just find out more about animal rights activism in Victoria.

Hold a fundraiser for MCR


Perhaps you have your own ideas as to how you can help Melbourne Chicken Rescue through your own fundraising activities . Here are some ideas : 

Hold a vegan sausage sizzle 

Cruelty free bake sale

Run a sponsored marathon! 

Host a morning tea