Melbourne Chicken Rescue 2018

About Melbourne Chicken Rescue

A not for profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation, foster and re-homing  of rescued chickens.

It is our mission to give every chicken that comes into our care the opportunity to feel love and happiness.


Melbourne Chicken Rescue provides adoption, rehabilitation and outreach services for chickens and sometimes other poultry in need. 


We often have rescued, unwanted, or abandoned chickens come to us in need of loving homes.

When they arrive in our care they are health checked and receive worm and lice treatment, calcium injections, nail trimming and high quality food. Anyone who is sick or injured receives veterinary treatment and time in our care.

We spend time getting to know their individual personalities and pair them with another chicken or in a small flock. 

MCR adopts chickens out in a minimum of 3 if you don't already have chickens, or 2 if you have an existing flock. It is important that they have friends.  .

If you are interested in adopting, email us and we will reply with our adoption questionnaire and chicken care booklet.


In this photo is Jenny with one of her adopted hens, Buffy.

Our Chicken Hospice 

Rosie's Hospice of Compassion 

Sadly chickens often come into our care in terrible condition suffering injuries and trauma resulting from cruelty and neglect. The Hospice provides medical , post surgery and palliative care in conjunction with visits  from a registered vet and huge doses of love and individual attention. 

Our Hospice is named after long-term patient and guide to us all Rosie chicken. Click to read Rosie's story and to learn about our current hospice patients. 

Our Foster Carers

MCR Foster carers are worth their weight in gold 100 times over. Our foster care network means that chickens waiting for adoption are cared for by experienced carers in a safe, predator free environment. They experience, daylight, great food and get to do "chicken stuff" like scratching about in the dirt , making friends and dust bathing while they wait for their forever homes.  If you would like to be a foster carer please click the enquiry button and join us at our next training day.

Friends of Melbourne Chicken Rescue

Become a Supporter 

Would you like to help chickens by becoming a Friend of Melbourne Chicken Rescue? There are many ways that you can be involved! Our supporters are integral to our work. 

Volunteer - with Guardian Transport Network to drive chickens to their new homes and collect those in need 

Hospice Volunteer- become a regular volunteer at our hospice and help to rehabilitate sick and injured chickens

Food/ medicine -  click here for a list of food and other supplies that will help the chickens

Donate towards vet bills  - click here to view MCR current vet bill 

Awareness Campaigns
Our sister  group Melbourne Chicken Save work to inform the public about the hell that chickens endure for eggs and meat production. Chickens are inquisitive, intelligent, social creatures who are forced to live lives of misery for the egg and chicken meat industries. MCS hold regular city rallies, slaughterhouse vigils and outreach campaigns. To find out more about Melbourne Chicken Save visit their website