Melbourne Chicken Rescue 2018

We are here to rescue the mistreated, save the injured and love the abandoned.

MCR is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation, fostering and re-homing  of rescued chickens.


It is our mission to give every chicken that comes into our care the opportunity to feel love and happiness.


Melbourne Chicken Rescue provides adoption, rehabilitation and outreach services for chickens and sometimes other birds in need. 

Adopt /Foster

MCR often has rescued hens and roosters and sometimes other poultry,   looking for loving homes, To view chickens currently up for adoption, find out how to become a foster carer and read adoption stories, click below. 

Our hospice

Sadly, chickens come to us often with injuries or in poor health. Our hospice provides veterinary care, and a loving place for them to rest and  recover, Our hospice also provides a peaceful place for palliative care.  


Would you like to help chickens by becoming a Friend of Melbourne Chicken Rescue? There are many ways that you can be involved! Our supporters are integral to our work.  



Melbourne Chicken Rescue